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Related post: PHARMACEUTICAL BOTANY Cycadales Ginkgoales 1. Gymnospermae ~ .? Coniferales Gnetales f Monocotyledoneae 2. Angiospermae ~. I Dicotyledoneae BOTANICAL NOMENCLATURE Before Carl von Linne, (Linnaeus) the great Sweedish naturalist, brought forth the binomial plan of nomenclature, no uniformity existed in the assignment of plant names. Among the pre-Linnean botanists there were some who designated plants by single names, others who employed sentences in Buy Cheap Kamagra Online Uk naming them, some of which were quite lengthy, and a number who adhered to the practice Kamagra For Sale Uk of naming them in their own modern tongue. The result was quite obvious, a number of systems were employed and confusion pre Buy Kamagra In Canada : vailed among students. According to the binomial plan, which has been universally adopted, every plant belongs to a species which is given two Latin names. The first name is the name of the genus or generic name, the second, the name of the species or specific name. The generic name corresponds, in the naming of persons, to Cheap Kamagra Next Day Delivery the surname or family name, while the specific name is analagous to the given name. Thus, the Wild Cherry is named Prunus serotina, Prunus representing the name of the genus, serotina the specific name Buy Kamagra 100mg or kind of Prunus. The name of the genus (pi. genera) is always a substantive in the singular number and must not be applied to more than one genus. Its spelling should begin with a capital letter. Genera names may be taken from any source what- ever. Some, like Fagus for the Beech genus, and Acer for the Maple, are of Latin origin. Others have been latinized from other lan- guages. Some have been named after some therapeutic property, their roots, leaves, flowers or seeds were thought to possess; for example, Jafeorhiza, a latinized compound 'of two greek words, idreipo:, healing, + ptfa, root, because of the healing virtues of the root. A number have Best Place To Buy Kamagra had names ascribed to them Buy Kamagra In London because of some peculiarity of structure, color, taste, odor, behavior, habit or appear- ance of the plant or portion thereof. FUNDAMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS 5 Thus, Eriodictyon (from Gr. epiov, wool + 5iKTuo*>, net) alludes to its wooly, netted veined leaves; Melaleuca (from Gr. /zeXas, black, -J-XevKos, white) alludes to the black bark of the trunk and white bark of the branches; Marrubium (from Hebrew marrob, bitter) refers to its bitter sap; Barosma (from Gr. fiapvs, heavy + 007*17, odor) in allusion to its strong smell; Epiphegus (from Gr. era, upon, + #7776$, the beech) alludes to its growth on the roots of that tree; Impatiens (from Lat. in, not and patiens, enduring) refers to the sudden bursting of the capsules of this genus when touched; Ly co- podium (from Gr. XVKOS, a wolf, + Trot's, a foot) pertains to the appearance of the shoots of this genus. Many have been named in honor of eminent naturalists or friends of these, or other noted persons. For example, Collins onia was named in honor of Peter Collinson, an English botanist of the i8th century; Dioscorea in honor of Dioscorides, the Greek naturalist \Paullinia after Paullini, a German botanist of the i7th century; Cinchona in honor of the countess of Chinchon, who brought the bark to Europe in 1640 and Jeffersonia, in honor of Thomas Jefferson. The specific names are for the most part adjectives which agree with the names of genera to which they belong in case, gender, etc. They may, however, be nouns and in a few instances consist of two Buy Kamagra Gel nouns or a noun and an adjective. If an adjective it should begin with a small letter, as in Rhus glabra and Euonymus atropurpureus. When the specific name is a noun, it may either be a proper noun in the genitive case when it should begin with a capital, as Garcinia Han- buryi] or it may be a common noun in the genitive, when it should begin with a small letter, as Grindelia camporum; or the noun may be in apposition to the generic name and so in the same case, as Cytisus scoparius. Names that had formerly been used for genera but since reduced to species are always capitalized, whether origi- nally proper nouns or not, as Aristolochia Serpentaria and Anacyclus Pyrethrum. In cases where two nouns make up the specific name, the first of these is in the nominative case, the second in the genetive, the two names being connected by a hyphen, as Capsella bursa-pastoris. The botanical name of the species yielding the drug, Aspidosperma, (Aspidosperma Quebracho-bianco} will serve as an example of the specific portion of the names being composed of a noun and an Kamagra Sales Uk ad- 6 PHARMACEUTICAL BOTANY jective. Specific names taken from names of persons should always begin with a capital. Names of varieties are applied in three different ways. Either the name of the species is given and followed by the prefix var.' before the varietal name, as Chenopodium ambrosioides var. anthel- minticum; or the varietal name may be appended to the name of the species, as Chenopodium ambrosioides anthelminticum\ or the varietal name may be placed immediately after the name of the genus and the specific name dropped, as Chenopodium anthelminticum. It frequently happens that a botanist is careless in naming a species, and, without ascertaining whether the same name has been assigned to another species, applies it to his, thus causing duplication. For example, there are two distinct species of plants named Prunus virginiana, one of these, the Wild Black Cherry, the other, the Choke Cherry. In this instance the name Prunus virginiana does not tell us which species the writer or speaker refers to. It might be the Choke Cherry named ft Prunus virginiana" by Linnaeus or the Wild Black Cherry named "Prunus virginiana" by Miller at a later date. Accordingly, it is necessary to add to the name of the species the author's name. Thus, Prunus virginiana Linne refers to the Choke
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